Abby’s friend: Isabelle

I tend to take my daughter to the park.. Sometimes multiple parks around my neighborhood because she loves to play and interact with children like any kids her age (just turned 3). She is a very friendly child.. And Every time we go to the park, she encounters 1 friend she becomes inseparable with. Lately though.. Every friend has given her a gift. I decided to make a post about the gifts she gets from her friends and try to save them for memories. The first friend who gifted her something at the park was Isabelle R. (4yrs old). She gave her a solid red candy. Although I kept it because we don’t take candies from outside.. I thought it was the cutest thing. They played for a long time.. And when it was time to depart Abby couldn’t stop crying (she’s a very emotional little girl). Isabelle gave her a hug and told her ” I love you.” Beautiful.



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